There is a time and a client for every one of the many coaching niches out there: executive, health & wellness, career, relationship, finance, just to name a few.

Coaching is the practice of facilitating the client’s evolution from where they are to where they want to be. 

A traditional life coach operates like a general medical practitioner. They give you a general idea of what ails you and provide the necessary medicine that will get you back into your groove. 

Using the same analogy, if a general practitioner finds that what ails you needs a deeper, more critical set of eyes, a specialist will be requested. This professional knows that the real root of the problem is all too often masked or hidden from plain sight, requiring searing, unrelenting, unconventional Sherlock-like tenacity.

Enter Evolutionary Life Coaching, which is what I do. 

Picture this. You’re in your kitchen cooking up something, and you drop a piece of food. You kneel down to pick it up and now notice just how dirty your kitchen floor is. Damn! I didn’t know my kitchen was that nasty!

What’s your next move?

  1. I’ll clean it up later when I have time.
    • (Translation: “I’m going to avoid this as long as possible.”)
  2. Well, I guess it’s not that bad.
    • (Translation: Suppression/Repression – “I mean, you can’t really see it if you don’t go down there.”)
  3. Someone else will notice and clean it up.
    • (Translation: “I’m used to other people always cleaning up my messes.”)
  4. Disgusting! Let me get the Clorox and Lysol right now before this whole kitchen gets infected and infested.
    • (Congratulations! You recognize that unacknowledged messes can quickly overrun your whole home.)

Now, instead of you noticing a dirty kitchen floor, you notice a strong and unexpected emotional reaction to what someone just said or did. Or perhaps you experience consistent inner rumblings that just won’t go away. Or feelings like you’re stuck waist-deep in mud without a helpful arm or a branch in sight. 

As your Evolutionary Life Coach, I am honored to co-participate in your transformational inner excavation. 

What I Do

I help people uncover and transcend the lifelong inner barriers inhibiting their natural flow of inner peace. 

How I do it 

Self-confrontation: Recognize your emotional sore spots and triggers.

Self-inquiry: Inquire within as you connect the dots to old, unacknowledged emotional and psychological wounds.

Self-excavation: Drill down into your suppressed and repressed psyche that you have unconsciously disassociated yourself from.

Rant: Feel it all and rant it out through creative expression, i.e., journaling, drawing, music.

Reframe: Shift your perspective as you see your situation from a broader viewpoint.

Reclaim Responsibility: Break the cycle of self-absorption and the drama it creates. You are not your story; you are greater than your story.

Reconnect: All parts of you RE-UNITE! Re-member you are already whole, perfect, and complete.

Why I do it

Everyone’s birthright is to feel appreciated, loved, and connected to the Oneness that we ALL are.